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Partner with the ABI Foundation to provide a life-changing opportunity for your students.

Leadership Iowa University (LIU) is an invaluable experience that many of our program alumni agree was one of the best opportunities they took advantage of while in college. Let us help provide excellent career preparation for your students.

LIU was uniquely designed to build upon the strong foundation created by leadership and career programs set forth by colleges and universities. LIU offers participants an opportunity to interact and spend time with other student-leaders from across the state. This enables students to share ideas, network with their peers, and form great new friendships.

The LIU program has several goals, a few of these are:

  • Expose students to various career opportunities
  • Allow students several opportunities to network with Iowa professionals
  • Provide knowledge of life skills to be successful during and after college
  • Show students why Iowa is a great place to live and work
  • Facilitate activities to develop student’s strengths and teamwork skills

Not only do students gain a vast amount of knowledge and experience from Leadership Iowa University, but the ABI Foundation also arranges for each participant to receive a professional mentor in his/her field of study. These mentorships often result in future job shadow opportunities, internships or jobs.

“It’s a way for us to reward our students on each of our campuses who works hard, shows their leadership potential, and really does want to develop as an Iowa citizen. They get to meet leaders of big companies, small companies, entrepreneurs and innovators that they can use as role models. It’s great for companies to talk to these young people to see what talent we have in our education system, and it’s a source of mentoring, an opportunity for some of the established leaders in our state to work with our best and brightest.”
-Rob Denson, President, Des Moines Area Community College

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